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'mochiwa mochiya'

a charming Japanese proverb that literally means
'buy your rice cakes from the rice cake store,'
which in essence, gently advises us to leave it to the experts


When you need something translated from English into Japanese or vice-versa, leave it to our specialist Japanese translation team.


We have decades of relevant industry experience in our three core competencies:

1. Corporate Communications

2. Legal & Finance

3. Medical & Science

We always go the extra mile to ensure our translations deliver your messages and ideas as brilliantly as they were originally penned.


Translation is not just our livelihood - it's our passion.

Partner with us to create something truly special for your Japanese communications.

At Mochiwa Mochiya 
our team of experts deliver 
impeccable Japanese translations
that you expect and deserve

Know thy translator!


You... take pride in your work and have spent countless hours honing and perfecting your written communications. 


You... fully expect your important messages, which have been exquisitely crafted, will be accurately and effectively conveyed to a Japanese-speaking audience. 


Who do you turn to?


Choice 1:


Multi-national translation corporations that claim to be experts in each and every language. They hype their latest and greatest technological solutions, promising to deliver quicker and cheaper than anyone else.


Read between the lines...


Do they actually provide information on their language experts on their websites? 


The reality is that most of these 'experts' will reverse auction off your important documents to inexperienced and under-qualified freelance translators who will do the job on the cheap and rush to complete them without even thinking to do any fact checking or proofreading their own work. 


You never find out who actually translated your work and there never is any feedback alerting you to issues in the original text and/or areas that are open to interpretation.


Translation is not a commodity based purely on price & speed. Can you really trust a company that doesn’t disclose who its translators are? Business is all about the people you work with - at Mochiwa Mochiya we have assembled a trusted and highly regarded team of professional Japanese translators and language experts to give you absolute peace of mind, each and every time.


Choice 2: 


There are many freelance translators who advertise their services on the internet. They often specialise in specific document types and subject areas.




What happens when you need to translate a large amount of text or are working within an extremely tight timeframe? 


Freelancers don’t have the capacity to handle these projects. Yes, they can subcontract work, but you now have to oversee two or more independent contractors who have no established processes in place to check for quality and consistency.  


Some freelancers will even keep you in the dark and hire ghost translators to work on your projects. And what happens when the freelance translator suddenly becomes ill?


The Mochiwa Mochiya difference...


At Mochiwa Mochiya, we believe in the quality of our translation team and we want you to know all about it. 


Unlike other translation agencies, we are completely transparent and proudly disclose information about our team members. This way, you can be confident we have the personnel to handle your translation requirements.


We specialise in Japanese translations


The Japanese market – the third largest in the world – is a vital one for Australia as it is our second-largest export market and third-largest source of foreign investment.  


At Mochiwa Mochiya, we devote 100 percent of our resources to ensure we provide the best possible solutions for Japanese translations. Our team is best equipped to deliver translations that are culturally appropriate, and where necessary, culturally appealing. They will no doubt impress your discerning Japanese audience. 


A team, not just one translator, working together with you


Quality means everything to us at Mochiwa Mochiya, which is why we always recommend you should enlist the help of at least two of our experienced Japanese language professionals: one to act as the lead translator and the other to act as the reviewer, who independently monitors the progress of the project and verifies the accuracy, readability, and overall quality of the text.   


To err is human, but the quality-control measures implemented at Mochiwa Mochiya quickly identify and fix any inadvertent errors that may occur.


Intelligent and considerate translators… 


As with any project, communication between stakeholders is vital. Unlike our competitors who prioritise speed over quality, at Mochiwa Mochiya: 


We take the time... to discuss the project at length with you, and do thorough background research to understand you, your written communications, and your audience before we even attempt to translate a single word. The fact of the matter is, the processes one employs before the actual translation itself are key!


We take the time... to highlight areas of concern (ie, sections that may be tricky to translate) and provide justifications for specific translations whenever necessary (ie, evidence-based translations). 


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your documents. Quality translations are no different. We are not interested in being known as the fastest translators, even though, when required, we are also adept at meeting any tight deadlines you may have. We'd much rather be renowned for the time and effort we put into our craft to deliver translations above and beyond your expectations.


In fact, if you factor in the time it would take to redo a poor translation, we end up not just being the best option, but the cheapest and fastest, too.


What are you waiting for? Experience the Mochiwa Mochiya difference today!

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