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"I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Jason & team on a project that required research, proficient writing skills as well as fluent Japanese"

Chloe de Brito, Aussie filmmaker

Not all translations are standard conversions from one language into another. Here is an example of how Mochiwa Mochiya showcased its knowledge, expertise, proactiveness and creativity to deliver outstanding value for two very talented young Aussie filmmakers, Chloe de Brito and Alexandra Adoncello.


Chloe and Alexandra had just finished shooting their short film, EDO, in Tokyo and they were looking for someone to help develop a number of scenes where the film's baseball-mad father is passionately cheering for his team, the Chiba Marines, as he watches their games on his tv at home.


Mochiwa Mochiya had to create live commentary in Japanese to coincide with the father's on-screen reactions while making sure it tied in with the overall plot of the film. 


To ensure we had the right personnel for the task, we set up a meeting with Chloe and Alexandra over coffee (my shout next time!) to discuss the film, the scenes for consideration, timelines, how we would work together and how to best move forward.


At Mochiwa Mochiya, Jason and Yo have the most experience with sports and film translation, no doubt because they are big sports fans and movie buffs. Yo is a self-professed Philadelphia Phillies fan and keeps up-to-date with the team's (mis)fortunes.


After providing the clients with a detailed cost breakdown of services and getting the green light, Mochiwa Mochiya, at first, drafted the live commentary in English so Chloe & Alexandra could be sure it aligned well with the film. After getting approval, we then went ahead and translated the script into Japanese.


To ensure that the live commentary was authentic, Yo & Jason took the time to watch live commentaries of similar Japanese pro baseball action sequences.  To ensure that it was faithful to the clients' vision and would fit into the allocated screen time as both audio and subtitles, we made sure that each draft was independently reviewed.

The Same Great Results!

Midway through the project, we were waiting for a draft scenario for one of the scenes we were contracted to work on, but our clients were extremely busy working on other aspects of the film.  Mindful of the deadline, Mochiwa Mochiya took the initiative and offered to draft it on their behalf.  They thankfully agreed and as a result we were able to complete the project on time.

​ Unexpected    Developments

Seamless live commentary delivering a real sense of action, suspense, despair and elation. The commentators are really into the game, inviting you to bathe in the electric atmosphere and to be a part of the excitement.


But don't take our words for it. Here's what Chloe had to say about our live commentary:

"Jason and his team were able to bring life to our vision through meticulous attention to detail and efficiency.

The entire process ran swimmingly from start to finish."


The inaugural screening of EDO was held at the historic Chauvel Cinema in Paddington in December 2015 and not long after the film was selected for the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival and were featured on the filmmaker video site, Vimeo, as part of the promotion of the festival.


Mochiwa Mochiya successfully delivered a realistic and compelling live-commentary Japanese translation for filmmaker clients, Chloe de Brito and Alexandra Adoncello.


Chloe went on to say:

"I thoroughly recommend Mochiwa Mochiya for any Japanese translations.

Jason is a phenomenal communicator, which significantly contributed to the end result. Big thanks team!"


Check out EDO the short film by talented filmmakers Chloe de Brito and Alexandra Adoncello. Our live commentary can be found in the following sections: 0:17—1:07 / 3:21—4:50 / 8:13—8:30 / 11:20—12:35

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