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Word of the Week for #worldphotographyday

Don’t forget to smile for the camera since today is World Photography Day!🌅

For this week’s Words of the Week, let’s learn two new Japanese words for photo and camera 📸

「写真 」(pronounced ‘shashin’) means photo, whilst 「カメラ」written in katakana as the Japanese word is borrowed from English, (pronounced ‘kamera’) means - yes, you guessed it - camera 🌉

Prior to ‘shashin’ being used solely for photographs, it used to also refer to ink-brush and ukiyo-e portraits. And while ‘kamera’ is widely used nowadays, ‘shashinki’ (写真機) used to be another common way to refer to this ingenious lil’ device.

The last slide is of me going for a walk with Hachi in the alpine wonderland that is Tateshina Highlands. Why not get out today and test your photography skills, as well? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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