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Welcome to the Mochiwa Mochiya blog page where you can find out more about Japanese translation, language, and culture. Feel free to leave a comment or share any posts that tickle your fancy!

  • Writer's pictureJason Khoh


It’s not like beer aficionados need an excuse, but today just so happens to be International Beer Day - so cheers big ears, beer it is for the Word of the Week! 🍺


「ビ-ル」(pronounced ‘bee-ru’ meaning ‘beer’) and 「生ビ-ル」(pronounced ‘nama bee-ru’ meaning ‘draught beer’) are some of the most popular alcoholic beverage choices here in Japan🍻


A couple of different onomatopoeia to describe the sound of someone drinking heartily are 「グビグビ」(‘gubi gubi’)「ゴクゴク」(‘goku goku’)


On the last slide we have an photo of one of Japan's favourite food pairings for beer - #yakitori - what do you like nibbling on if you're having a beer?



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