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Day 1: Tottori Prefecture

The first prefecture in the spotlight is Tottori, found in the Chugoku region of Honshu island in western Japan. It is the nation's least populous prefecture and its capital city also goes by the same name: Tottori.

Below are the ten questions (technically 9 questions and one haiku challenge) on Tottori prefecture. Best of luck & enjoy!

  1. The local dialect is called tottori-ben (鳥取弁) - what other name does it go by?

  2. What does torokeru (とろける) mean in the local Tottori dialect?

  3. Tottori Prefecture is home to Japan’s largest sand dunes. True or false?

  4. In ancient times, the area where Tottori prefecture is located was called what?

  5. According to Japan’s oldest surviving historical & mythological text, the Kojiki, what animal prophesied the marriage of a local princess & friendly god?

  6. Studio Ghibli’s smash hit anime, My Neighbour Tottoro, was set in Tottori prefecture. True or false?

  7. What is the name of the voice actor from Tottori prefecture who depicts Edward Newgate (ie, Whitebeard) in the Japanese anime ONE PIECE?

  8. Tottori’s local style of ramen, gyukotsu ramen, uses the bones of what domesticated animal as the key component of its tasty broth?

  9. What is the name of this mountain in Tottori prefecture?

Final challenge: Write a haiku poem that best describes the charms of Tottori prefecture.

Please remember to write all your answers in the comment section below to qualify for the competition. Thanks for your interest & may you be the one crowned as our inaugural pub quiz champion!

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