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Lost in Translation No More: Mochiwa Mochiya Helps Japanese Film Studio Distribute Movie Globally

When it comes to creating movies that appeal to a global audience, language is a key factor. But what happens when your film is in a language that isn't widely spoken outside your home country? This was the challenge faced by a Japanese film production company that wanted to distribute their movie in English-speaking countries. They knew that accurate and high-quality subtitles were essential for their film to be successful, but they weren't sure where to turn for help.

That's where Mochiwa Mochiya comes in. Our translation experts have extensive experience in creating subtitles for films, TV shows, commercials, and promotional videos accurately reflecting the dialogue and capturing the tone and meaning of the original script. We understand the importance of maintaining the artistic vision of the filmmakers while ensuring that the subtitles are clear and easy to read for English-speaking audiences.

Our team of language specialists worked closely with the Japanese film production company to ensure that the subtitles accurately reflected the nuances of the Japanese language and culture, while also being accessible to English-speaking viewers. We paid careful attention to every word and phrase, making sure that the subtitles accurately conveyed the intended meaning and captured the emotion of the film.

The result was a successful international release, with the film receiving critical acclaim and reaching a wider audience than ever before. The accurate and high-quality subtitles provided by Mochiwa Mochiya helped to bridge the language barrier and connect the film with English-speaking viewers around the world.


'Mochiwa Mochiya's subtitling services were essential for the success of our film's international release. They were able to accurately capture the meaning and emotion of our script, while also ensuring that the subtitles were clear and easy to read for English-speaking viewers. Thanks to their help, our film was able to connect with audiences around the world.'

Film Producer (client chooses to remain anonymous due to confidentiality agreements in place)


According to a report by Common Sense Advisory, the global market for language services is expected to reach $56.18 billion by 2021. This highlights the growing importance of high-quality translation and subtitling services for businesses and organizations looking to expand into international markets.

If you're a film production company looking to expand your reach to English-speaking audiences, contact Mochiwa Mochiya today for high-quality subtitling services! We're here to help you bridge the language barrier and connect with viewers around the world.


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