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Day 6: Saga Prefecture

Week two has us in Kyushu for the first time. Today we visit its smallest prefecture: Saga, which can be found in the northwest region of the island.

1. You might hear a local in Saga say kuchinawa (くちなわ). What does it mean?

2. You might also hear a local in Saga say secchin (せっちん). What are they referring to?

3. The Arita Porcelain Park is a tourist attraction to showcase the very best examples of porcelain from the city of Arita, but it is designed in the style of a traditional village from what country?

4. The Takeo Onsen is designated a National Important Cultural Property and is over a thousand years old. Which legendary Japanese swordsman is said to have bathed there?

5. What is the name of this historical park in Saga?

6. Karatsu Castle in Saga is also known as the “Dancing _____”?

7. The local kakinoha sushi is unique because the sushi is wrapped with what kind of leaves?

8. What international sporting competition is held in Saga over six days from October 31 each year?

9. Saga is the home of the oldest Confucian temple in Japan. What is its name?

10. Write a haiku poem that best highlights the beauty and charm of Saga prefecture.

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