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Day 7: Yamanashi Prefecture

Day 7 sends us back to the main island of Honshu where we visit the first landlocked prefecture to feature in our quiz: Yamanashi.

Fun fact: although it isn’t located on the coast of Japan, Yamanashi prefecture has the most sushi restaurants per capita in Japan! 1. World famous Mt Fuji is found on the southern border of Yamanashi. While the first recorded ascent of Japan’s tallest peak was by a Buddhist monk in 663 AD, who was the first the first foreigner to reach the summit of this iconic mountain?

2. What does enkoro (えんころ) or enmaru (えんまる) mean in Yamanashi?

3. Name the five prefectures that surround Yamanashi prefecture.

4. How many roller coasters can thrill seekers strap themselves into at Fuji-Q Highland?

5. Yamanashi is the birthplace and largest producer of what alcoholic beverage in Japan?

6. Yamanashi is dubbed “The Kingdom of Fruit” for its year-round production of a large variety of fruits. Name two fruits which Yamanashi produces more than any other region in Japan.

7. What kind of food is Yamanashi’s most famous local dish, Hoto (ほうとう)?

A) a rice dish

B) a noodle dish

C) a dumpling dish

8. In the photo, what kind of fruit trees are in front of Mt Fuji?

9. What is the name of Japan’s most famous international soccer player from Yamanashi who is now a global ambassador for Japanese saké?

10. Write a haiku that best describes the beauty and charms of Yamanashi. Answers for Day 6: (1) a snake (2) a toilet (3) Germany (4) Miyamoto Musashi (5) Yoshinogari Historical Park (吉野ヶ里歴史公園, Yoshinogari Rekishi Kōen) (6) crane (7) Persimmon trees (8) Saga International Balloon Fiesta (9) Taku Seibyo Confucian Temple (多久聖廟)

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