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Day 11: Toyama Prefecture

The start of the third week has us back down in the Chubu region of Honshu island in Toyama. Toyama prefecture is along the Sea of Japan coast and is flanked by four other prefectures: Ishikawa, Gifu, Nagano, and Niigata. It’s capital is Toyama city and has a population of just over a million people.

1. What does sokusaike (そくさいけ) mean in Toyama?

2. What does kitokito (きときと) mean in Toyama?

3. Historically, Toyama prefecture was what province of Japan?

4. What is the name of the famous French winemaker who recently established a new sake brewery in Toyama?

5. What is the name of this temple in Toyama (hint: it was originally called Hoenji)?

6. Toyama is home to the most glaciers in Japan: true or false?

7. The Kurobe Dam in Toyama is Japan’s tallest & largest arch dam. How tall is it?

8. What is the name of the Sydney-based illustrator originally from Toyama who created a four-part mural of Japanese mythological creatures for the Art Gallery of New South Wales’s Japan Supernatural exhibition (2 Nov 2019 - 8 Mar 2020)?

9. Toyama Black Ramen gets its name because:

(A) the noodles are black

(B) the pork topping is charred until it’s black

(C) the soup is black

10. Come up with a haiku poem that portrays the beauty and charms of Toyama.

Answers for Day 10: (1) money (2) a meal (3) Godzilla (4) Sakuraba Kazushi (5) true (6) true (7) Helen Keller (8) Akita Kanto Festival (秋田竿燈まつり) (9) kiritanpo (きりたんぽ)

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