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Day 12: Miyazaki Prefecture

We’re back in the southern island of Kyushu to visit Miyazaki, which is on the island’s south-east coast. The prefecture has a population of just over a million people and its capital is Miyazaki city.

1. What was the area of Miyazaki called prior to the Meiji Restoration?

2. What does gosso (ごっそ) mean in Miyazaki?

3. What does udomo (うども) mean in Miyazaki?

4. What is the name of the shrine in Miyazaki, which is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, Japan’s first emperor?

5. Okuragahama, Kanegahama, Hitotsuba, Kisakihama, Aoshima, Ibii, Shoujuen, Umegahama, and Kojima are places in Miyazaki where you can enjoy what popular outdoor sport?

6. What is the name of the traditional summer dish in Miyazaki of cold rice and cucumbers soaked in chilled miso soup?

7. What is the main attraction related to Easter Island at Sunmesse Nichinan (サンメッセ日南)?

8. The city of Nichinan has a sister-city relationship with which city in Western Australia?

9. What is the name of this mountain which is the tallest mountain in Kirishima National Park and offers incredible views of volcanic crater lakes?

10. Please come up with a haiku poem that best describes the beauty and charms of Miyazaki.

Answers for Day 11: (1) “Hello” or “How are you?” (2) fresh or delicious (eg, when referring to the local seafood) (3) Etchu Province or Esshu (越中国 or 越州)(4) Richard Geoffroy (5) Zuiryuji Temple (瑞龍寺) (6) true (7) 186 m (8) Kentaro Yoshida (9) (C) the soup is black

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