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Day 13: Yamagata Prefecture

We head north to the Tohoku region of Japan to visit Yamagata, which is in the southwestern corner of the region and faces the Sea of Japan. Its capital is Yamagata city and its population is just over one million people.

1. What does oshoushina (おしょうしな) mean in Yamagata?

2. What does sasukene (さすけね) mean in Yamagata?

3. Singleton has a sister-city relationship with which city in Yamagata?

4. During the Heian Period (794—1185), which family ruled the area:

(A) Tanaka

(B) Nakamura

(C) Fujiwara

5. Yamagata produces almost 70 per cent of what fruit in Japan?

6. These spectacular frozen snow-covered trees at Zao Onsen ski resort are affectionately called what?

7. What is the name of this mountaintop temple where haiku master Matsuo Basho wrote his famous poem about cicadas in 1689?

8. What is the name of the beef from Yamagata that is considered one of “the three great wagyu” of Japan together with Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef?

9. Yamagata is Japan’s top producer of “La France”. What type of food is this?

10. Pen a haiku poem that best describes the beauty and charms of Yamagata.

Answers for Day 12: (1) Hyuga Province (Hyūga no kuni [日向国] or Nisshū [日州] or Kōshū [向州]) (2) a feast or banquet (3) child, children (4) Miyazaki-jingu Shrine (宮崎神宮) (5) surfing (6) hiyajiru (7) the replica Moai statues overlooking the ocean (8) Albany (9) Mt. Karakuni (韓国岳)

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