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Day 19: Nara Prefecture

We are back in the Kansai region of Honshu to visit the landlocked prefecture of Nara on day 19. Its capital also goes by the same name and was one of Japan’s earliest capital cities.

1. What does the verb inu (いぬ) mean in Nara?

2. What does the verb doyagu (どやぐ) mean in Nara?

3. Nara prefecture was formed in 1887 when it became independent of which prefecture?

4. Historically, Nara was called what province?

5. What is the name of this temple which houses the largest bronze Buddha in the world?

6. When was Nara the capital of Japan?

7. In which temple in Nara can you take part in a tea ceremony where worshippers drink from giant teacups?

8. Nara is home to more UNESCO World Heritage listings than any other prefecture in Japan: true or false?

9. Kaki-no-ha-zushi is a type of sushi from Nara that comes wrapped in the leaves of what plant?

10. Write a haiku poem which embodies the beauty and charms of Nara.

Answers for Day 18: (1) the western half of Hizen province and the island provinces of Tsushima and Iki (2) fish (3) an afternoon nap (4) Huis Ten Bosch (5) Spectacles bridge or Meganebashi Bridge (眼鏡橋) (6) true (7) Tsushima Island (対馬) (8) Nagasaki Champon (長崎ちゃんぽん) (9) stonefish

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