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Day 20: Ehime Prefecture

Welcome to day 20 of our virtual pub quiz. Today we head back to the island of Shikoku to visit the northwestern prefecture of Ehime. Its capital is Matsuyama and the prefecture faces the Seto Inland Sea.

1. If someone in Ehime said jii-ji (じいじ) what animal would they be referring to?

2. What kind of toy is a deko (でこ) in Ehime?

3. Until the Meiji Restoration, Ehime was known as what province?

4. What is the name of this hot spring, which happens to be the oldest in Japan?

5. The above hot spring was the inspiration for the bathhouse in the Hayao Miyazaki film “Spirited Away”: true or false?

6. What is the name of this temple that features two giant straw sandals and a second hidden temple accessed via a cave?

7. Ehime grows the largest number of varieties of what type of fruit in Japan?

8. What type of fish is used in the local specialty where the whole fish is cooked on a bed of rice?

9. Novelist Soseki Natsume’s “Botchan” (坊ちゃん) was a novel inspired by which city in Ehime?

10. Write a haiku that embodies the beauty and charms of Ehime.

Answers for Day 19: (1) to return, to go back home, to come home (2) to shout out, to yell (3) Osaka Prefecture (4) Yamato province (aka Yamato no kuni or Washu) (5) Todaiji temple (東大寺) (6) between 710 AD to 784 AD (7) Saidaiji Temple (西大寺) (8) true (9) persimmon leaves

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