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Day 32: Nagano Prefecture

We stay in the Chubu region on day 32 to visit another landlocked prefecture: Nagano. Nagano is also the name of its capital and it has a population of just over two million.

Fun fact: Nagano is home to the point in Japan that is furthest from the sea - in the city of Saku.

1. What part of the body is a hera (へら) in Nagano?

2. What kind of animal is a bou-bou (ぼーぼー) in Nagano?

3. How many prefectures share a border with Nagano? (a) 7 (b) 8 (c) 9

4. How many of the twelve highest mountains can be found in Nagano? (a) 9 (b) 10 (c) 11

5. Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in which year?

6. Although they are commonly called snow monkeys, what is the official name of the monkeys who bathe in the hot springs at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park?

7. Nagano is home to the largest commercial wasabi farm in the world: true or false?

8. Internationally acclaimed artist, Yayoi Kusama, is from which city in Nagano?

9. What is the name of the native of Nagano who was dubbed “the godfather of competitive eating” after becoming champion of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest multiple times?

10. Write a haiku poem that best describes the beauty and charm of Nagano.

Answers for Day 31: (1) girl and boy, respectively (2) chicken meat (3) Aichi, Fukui, Ishikawa, Mie, Nagano, Shiga and Toyama (4) Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長) (5) Shirakawa-go (白川郷) (6) cormorants (7) Mount Haku (白山; Haku-san) (8) Seki (関市) (9) a dried magnolia leaf

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