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Day 40: Hokkaido Prefecture

The last day of week 8 has us visiting the northernmost prefecture of Japan: Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the largest prefecture, the second largest island in Japan, and its capital is Sapporo.

1. What does oban-desu (おばんです) mean in Hokkaido?

2. What does menkoi (めんこい) mean in Hokkaido?

3. What was Hokkaido called prior to the Meiji Restoration?

4. Hokkaido has the lowest population density out of all the prefectures of Japan: true or false?

5. What is the name of Hokkaido’s only land link to the rest of Japan?

6. In what year were the Winter Olympics held in Sapporo?

7. What is the name of the largest National Park in Japan, which features Hokkaido’s largest peak: Mt Asahidake? (Hint: it’s know as Kamuimintara to the indigenous Ainu people)

8. What is the name of the biggest snow festival in Japan?

9. The Hokkaido-grown Yubari King is the world’s most expensive type of what fruit?

10. Write a haiku poem that best describes the beauty and charms of Hokkaido.

Answers for Day 39: (1) yellow (2) a gecko (3) true (Fukuoka and Kitakyushu) (4) wisteria (5) Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (太宰府天満宮) (6) Kokura Castle (小倉城) (7) Nanzoin Temple (南蔵院) (8) The Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (福岡ソフトバンクホークス) (9) pork bones (tonkotsu; 豚骨)

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