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Day 43: Saitama Prefecture

Day 43 keeps us in the Kanto region of Japan as we visit Chiba’s landlocked neighbour: Saitama Prefecture. The capital also goes by the same name and it has a population of over 7 million people.

1. What does ii-an-bai (いいあんばい) mean in Saitama?

2. What does mujikke (むじっけー) mean in Saitama?

3. Saitama prefecture shares a sister-city relationship with which state of Australia?

4. The Urawa Red Diamonds professional soccer team based in Saitama, have won the J. League Cup how many times? (a) never (b) once (c) twice

5. Saitama’s professional baseball team, the Seibu Lions, have won how many Japan Series Championships? (a) 5 (b) 9 (c) 13

6. Saitama Super Arena is the third largest indoor arena in the world by capacity: true or false?

7. What is the name of the festival in Saitama which is considered to be one of Japan's three great hikiyama or float festivals (日本三大曳山祭; Nihon Sandai Hikiyama Matsuri)? (Swipe left to see the first and second photos)

8. The city of Kawagoe is famous for its buildings and museums that celebrate what period of Japan’s history?

9. What is the name of this temple in Saitama that is famous for its statues of 540 disciples of Buddha known as the 500 rakan (五百羅漢)?

10. Write a haiku poem that best describes the beauty and charms of Saitama.

Answers for Day 42: (1) a lizard (2) a centipede (3) Boso Peninsula (房総半島, Bōsō-hantō) (4) (c) leaves (5) Narita International Airport (成田国際空港) (6) Mt. Nokogiri (鋸山) (7) Katori Shrine (香取神宮, Katori Jingū) (8) true (9) peanuts

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