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Day 5: Fukui Prefecture

We are back on the main island of Honshu on Day 5 to visit Fukui. Fukui prefecture lies on the coast of facing the Sea of Japan and is part of the Chubu (Hokuriku) region in Japan. Its capital is called Fukui city and the pine tree is one of the official symbols of the prefecture. 1. When would you use the phrase tsurutsuru ippai (つるつるいっぱい) in Fukui?

2. Fukui is where most dinosaur discoveries have been made in Japan. How many types of dinosaur in total have been found here?

3. How many Buddha statues in the main hall and pagoda of Myotsuji Temple (明通寺) are considered National Treasures?

4. This statue can be found on Mt Asuwayama - who is it of?

5. What is the name of the master swordsman from Fukui who famously battled Miyamoto Musashi on the shores of Ganryu Island?

6. What are the names of the five famous lakes spread across the towns of Mikata and Kaminaka in southern Fukui?

7. In the early Meiji period Fukui prefecture was created by merging which two provinces?

8. Fukui is famous for producing what type of Japanese noodle?

9. Volga rice (ボルガライス) is a popular dish in Fukui - what two popular Japanese foods are combined to make this local specialty?

10. Come up with a haiku poem that best describes the charms & beauty of Fukui prefecture. Please remember to write all your answers in the comment section below to qualify for the competition.

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