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The Great "I wish I was in Japan" Pub Quiz

No doubt you're also frustrated at the fact you're unable to do many of the things you truly love during the COVID-19 lockdown. As we all adapt to this new reality, it's obvious that the inability to partake in simple pleasures like heading down to the pub for a drink with friends or planning a trip abroad has taken a toll on many of us. But the light is at the end of the tunnel as it looks like the restrictions are slowly but surely easing - hooray!

This was the inspiration for our online pub quiz. Firstly, who doesn't enjoy a good pub quiz to keep the ol' grey matter in tip-top shape? And in anticipation of travel restrictions (finally) being lifted in the (hopefully) not too distant future, we wanted to take you on a virtual trip across all the 47 prefectures in Japan to help you discover the many gems in this amazing country.

Each weekday starting from next Monday we will publish a ten-question pub quiz here on our Mochiwa Mochiya blog at around 4 pm Sydney time (AEST; GMT +10).

The proposed format of the pub quiz is as follows:

  1. One or two questions on the local dialect (eg, Osaka-ben, Okinawa-ben, etc)

  2. One or two questions where participants would need to correctly guess the tourist attraction or popular local event based on a photo

  3. One or two questions on the history of the prefecture

  4. One or two questions on modern life/pop culture in the prefecture

  5. One or two questions on famous people from the prefecture

  6. One or two questions on the local cuisine

Finally, each pub quiz will ask participants to get their creative juices flowing to come up with a suitable haiku poem in English to promote the featured prefecture.

We are thrilled to have the cooperation of the Japan National Toursim Organisation (JNTO; Sydney Office's Executive Director, Ms Yoko Tanaka, who will act as one of the official judges of the haiku poems. Who knows, your enchanting poetic prose may be chosen for future marketing campaigns for travel to Japan??

We are also super grateful for the support of the Yaegaki Sake Brewery ( as they have kindly donated three bottles of premium junmai sake (Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, and Junmai) for first, second, and third prize respectively. We also plan to have other prizes awarded for a number of different prefectures along the way so keep your eyes peeled!

Official Rules

  1. Anyone can participate in this competition but only residents of Australia aged 18 years and over are eligible for any of the competition's prizes.

  2. All answers must be posted in the comments section of the corresponding pub-quiz blog post.

  3. One point will be awarded for each correctly answered question.

  4. Ten bonus points will be awarded to the first person who correctly answers all ten questions for each pub quiz.

  5. Ten bonus points will be awarded to each person who is deemed to have the best haiku poem.

  6. First, second, and third prize winners will be participants who have recorded the three highest total scores for all 47 pub quizzes and be residents of Australia aged 18 years and over.

  7. The correct answers of the first nine questions of each pub quiz will be included in the following day's pub quiz (the correct answers of the final [47th] pub quiz will be published in a separate blog post the following day).

  8. The final scores for all participants will be announced with seven days of the final (47th) pub quiz.

  9. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will need to send an email to to claim their prize. The prize(s) must be taken as stated and cannot be deferred. There will be no cash alternatives.

  10. All haiku poems, once submitted, become the property of Mochiwa Mochiya Pty Ltd.

  11. This competition is not endorsed by LinkedIn, Instagram, JNTO, or Yaegaki Brewery.

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